Visvavajra - Pauline Fediow (c1968)
'Visvavajra', Pauline Fediow (1968), Sakya-Namgyal Archives, Heather Rigby donor

The Namgyal Rinpoche Stories Project - 2008
David Berry (Producer), Rab Wilkie (Editor)

If you'd like to continue reading news about our project and some of the stories we are collecting, or in contributing your own recollections, stay tuned. By doing so you will be participating, silently or vocally, as a flashing mind-cell in this Namgyalian experiment - to reactivate memory and integrate myriad experiences in the global sensorium.

Or more simply, you will be helping us publish a book.

This is a non-profit publishing project, initially aimed at stirring up memories and sharing insightful stories about Namgyal Rinpoche, his teachings, and other teachers of his ambit. From the materials gathered, a book will be prepared for publication, with any revenue from sales being donated to a Namgyal centre or cause. Quotes from this remarkable Teacher and notes from his talks are of special interest, while the inclusion of date, time, and place would help us establish a detailed chronology and historical context. After this stage of collecting stories, there will be an opportunity for every reader to participate in choosing the material to be included in the book.

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Please send contributions of stories, comments, and queries about the CRYSTAL COLLECTION PROJECT to the Editor: ten.orobretep|bar#ten.orobretep|bar

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