A key to understanding or remembering what Rinpoche was talking about

By Rab Wilkie

The Sgr/Cap cusp to which Rinpoche refers pertains to the long precessional cycle rather than part of Pluto's cycle. The precessional Great Cycle is almost 26,000 years, or about 2160 years per Age. The Age of Pisces began during the second century BC; the Age of Aquarius around AD 2000.

The cycle of Pluto, on the other hand, is a shorter cycle of about 250 years, the length of time that it takes Pluto to complete one circuit of the Sun and all twelve signs of the zodiac. Pluto's subcycles are an average of 21 years per sign, but since the orbit is highly eccentric, its passage though a zodiacal sign can last anywhere from 11-33 years. Since 1970, with Pluto at the short and fast part of its orbit, it has been moving through each sign in about twelve years. In 1971 when Rinpoche was giving this teaching, Pluto was about to enter Libra from Virgo, and subsequently has passed through Scorpio and Sagittarius. This year, 2008, Pluto enters Capricorn.. on January 25th.

Precessionally, the beginning of the Age of Sagittarius, when the spring equinox last occurred at the Cap/Sgr cusp, was around 20,000 BCE. While the last time Pluto entered Capricorn, passing the Sgr/Cap cusp, was in AD 1760. 20,000 BC was during the middle of the last ice-age when the Southeast Asian sub-continent was inundated creating the Indonesian archipelago and cutting off these lands from the Asian continent.

Nothing on the same scale of disaster happened in 1760, a date that pertains to the much shorter Pluto cycle, although much was brewing in the collective consciousness of humanity, socially and politically. The American & French Revolutions irrupted in 1777 and 1789, respectively.


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