A word from the Editor

2008-May-08 - Rab Wilkie

Fittingly, I would suggest, with this 22nd newsletter since last January we bring this phase of our project to a close. There are 22 trumps in Tarot, and the class notes by our Scribe, the late Ken Long, have run out and the rest of his 'notebook' is blank. Around this time in May, 1971, the Dharma community in Toronto evacuated en masse for 'A Journey To The East', inspired to wander forth with the Venerable Ananda Bodhi.

Stories, however, continue to arrive and are being written, and all in our archives have not been included in these newsletters. More will appear later, for your enjoyment and edification subsequent to editorial scrutiny and refinement. In the meantime, we have some transcribing and organising to do in preparation for the next phase, about which you will be informed in the very near future.

So do keep on writing, or gearing up to write, one of your own stories (or sagas), and send them as always to the Editor. The book is huge as an idea and beginning to bulge, literally, as an actual manuscript in progress.

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