March 21st Wrap Up

2009 Feb 28 - Rab Wilkie

Over the last year we have been gathering and sharing insightful stories about Namgyal Rinpoche (1931-2003), his teachings, and the experiences of students as we prepare to publish a book, an anthology based on these stories, many of which are posted on the Web at

This is a non-profit project, and subsequent revenue from book sales will be donated to a Namgyal centre or cause.

As of March 21st we will no longer be seeking contributions and this newsletter will cease. However, the publication of the book will be announced, hopefully later this year, to everyone who has been receiving this newsletter.

Contributions of stories, comments, and queries about the CRYSTAL COLLECTION PROJECT are still welcome. Please send them to the Editor: <ten.orobretep|bar#ten.orobretep|bar>.

Thank you!

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