Phase II

Rab Wilkie

Welcome to our Rinpoche stories. And if this is a surprise, because you weren't expecting more stories or had no idea they were being written in the first place, please forgive me, my computers, and the world situation. I accidentally deleted our subscribers list and eventually re-compiled another with guess work. You might therefore be getting this newsletter, unsolicited, for the first time. So if you'd like to bow out from further transmissions, do let us know (reply: UNSUBSCRIBE), and if not, stay tuned. And if you know someone not on the our elist who might like to be, please pass on to us their email address so we can ask.

To recap, last January David Berry and I began sharing some of the anecdotes and stories about Namgyal Rinpoche (1931-2003) that we have been collecting for a book of personal recollections by his students while studying, travelling, or just being in his presence.

During the first four months of 2008 we sent to our subscribers 22 e-posts with around 40 (slightly edited) stories written by 21 different authors, and posted them on our website for the rest of the world to discover. Meanwhile, we have continued to edit these and many other stories coming our way, along with photographs of, and artwork by, Rinpoche.

During this second round of story sharing we hope to stimulate more memories and get more of your writings archived. If all goes reasonably well, we will have a book of them published in 2009.

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