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2009-Oct-09- Rab

Hello Namgyal story writers & readers ~

As we progress towards publishing our anthology of stories about Namgyal Rinpoche, one item we are perparing to include is a list of books (bibliography) that have been used by Rinpoche in his teachings, have been recommended by him, or to which he often referred. Please see the attached draft.

We don't intend it to be complete ~ that would become a book in itself, an encyclopedia in fact ~ just a list to represent the numerous readings, eclectic & varied, that have inspired, edified, guided, and delighted students over the many years of his teachings. The cream of the crop.

Even as I write this, more authors & titles come to mind, but rather than relying solely on my own burbling memory, I'd like others to jot down at least a few that do not appear in the draft and send them to me. Don't worry about the details of publisher/year or even author, (unless you can easily supply them). As long as key words in the title are there, I can probably find out the rest with a bit of research.

Yes, there are gaping holes. There should be at least one Terry Pratchett book, right? (Which was the first suggested by Rinpoche?) And the entire Pali Canon.

Did he ever say to you, personally, 'I think your should read this book'?

Thanks in advance for your own offerings, and a happy Namgyalian October 11th & Thanksgiving!

-=Rab (Editor 'A')

PS: A few potential contributors of stories, apprently, have been reticent to send them in, believing that it's a bit late for new submissions. However, we'd like to re-state that stories can still be sent.. for inclusion either on the website or the book.


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