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A Crystal Collection: BIBLIOGRAPHY

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"Except as ye become as little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Even to exist, children must be fed. You are not being the child, but old crones and drones of defence.. Woe unto them for what they do to little children". [Namgyal Rinpoche, 'Foundations Of The Path', 1980].

Abbott, E. A. Flatland, Barnes & Noble NY 1963.

Albertus, Frater Seven Rays Of The QBL,
Paracelsus Research Society, Utah 1968.

Anonymous Cloud Of Unknowing & Other Works,
Penguin Classics 1961.

Attar, Farid U. Conference Of The Birds, Janus 1954 (1924).

Avalon, Arthur The Serpent Power: The Secrets Of Tantric & Shaktic
Yoga, Dover 1974 (1919).

Berne, Eric The Games People Play: The Psychology Of Human
Relationships, Grove 1964.

Bible, Holy King James version.

Blofeld, John The Tantric Mysticism Of Tibetan, Dutton 1970.

The Wheel Of Life, Shambala 1972.

Bohm, David Wholeness & The Implicate Order, Gollancz UK 1969.

The Ending Of Time, (with J Krishnamurthi),
Harper Collins 1985.

Brent, Peter Lord Byron, BCA / Weidenfeld 1974.

Bucke, Maurice Cosmic Consciousness: A Study In The Evolution Of
The Human Mind, Penguin 1991 (1901).

Budge, Wallis The Egyptian Book Of The Dead, Dover 1967.

Buddhaghosa Visuddhimagga: Path Of Purification, Harvard 1950.

Burkhardt, Titus Alchemy: Science Of The Cosmos.. Soul,
Penguin 1971.

Burr, Chandler The Emperor Of Scent, Random House NY 2003.

Cahill, Thomas How The Irish Saved Civilisation, Doubleday 1995.

Campbell, Joseph Hero With A Thousand Faces, Princeton 1973.

Carroll, Lewis The Hunting Of The Snark: An Agony In Eight Fits,
Chatto & Windhus 1958 (1887).
NR: "You really should read The Hunting of the
Snark if you haven't already. It is the life of the
mystic. To read this, again and again, is the most
conducive thing you can do for awakening. Get it
immediately [..]. Treat it with deep reverence".

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, etc,
Penguin 1971 (Random 1946).

Case, Paul F. Tarot: Key To The Wisdom Of The Ages, Macoy 1981.

Chang, Garma C. Buddhist Teaching of Totality: The Philosophy Of
Hwa Yen Buddhism, Pennsylvania State 1971.

The Six Yogas Of Naropa, Snow Lion 1986.

Chardin, Teilhard The Phenomenon Of Man, Harper Torch 1965.

Clarke, Arthur C. Childhood's End, Ballantine 1967.
NR: "Of course you want to read books that are
well-grounded in Buddhism and have a historic
background. Arthur C. Clarke, for example, combines
these aspects very well. His writings are a very
good sunyata, anatta teaching of what is coming. He
does it in a highly materialistic way, but in a way
that asks, 'What is the next probable step?' By
comparison, everything in Frank Herbert's novel,
'Dune', is nothing; there are further out types of
ideas. Some novels are not so novel".

Conze, Edward (tr) Buddhist Wisdom Books: Diamond Sutra, Heart Sutra;
George Allen 1966.

Dorje, HH Wangchuk Mahamudra: Eliminating The Darkness Of Ignorance,
(Karmapa IX) Library Of Tibetan Works, Dharamsala, 1978.

Eckhardt, Meister Meister Eckhart, Harper Collins Canada 1957.

Eliot, T.S. The Wasteland, Harcourt 1967.

Evans-Wentz, W. Y. Tibetan Book Of The Great Liberation, Oxford 1968.

Tibetan Yoga & Secret Doctrines, Oxford 1972.

Tibetan Book Of The Dead, Oxford 1974.

Tibet's Great Yogi Milarepa, Oxford 2005.

Fairy Faith In Celtic Countries, Citadel 1990.

Fitzgerald, Edwin Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam, Rodale UK 1955 (1901)

Forsyth, Adrian Natural History Of Sex, Scribner 1986.

Freud, Sigmund Interpretation Of Dreams, Avon 1965.

Fromm, Erich The Art Of Loving, Harper Colophon 1962.

Gampopa The Jewel Ornament Of Liberation, Snow Lion 1998.

Gaup, Ailo The Search For The Drum, Muse ND 1988.

Gautama Buddha Dhammapada, New Directions NY 1965.

Govinda, Lama A. Foundations Of Tibetan Mysticism, Rider 1960.

Grof, Stanislav Realms Of Human Consciousness, Dutton 1976.

Guenther, Herbert The Tantric View Of Life, Shambala 1976.

Gurdjieff, George Meetings With Remarkable Men, Plume 1969.

Views From The Real World, Dutton 1973.

The Fourth Way, P.D. Ouspenky (ed),
Random House 1971.

Gyamtso, K.T. Progressive Stages Of Meditation On Emptiness,
Longchen / Oxford 1988.

Hancock, Graham The Sign & The Seal: Quest For The Lost Ark Of The
Covenant, Simon & Schuster 1993.

Halevi, Z'ev b.S. Adam & The Kabbalistic Tree, Rider 1974.

Introduction To Cabala, Weiser 1972.

Hall, Manly P. Secret Teachings Of All Ages,
Philosophical Research Society 1972 (1928).

Halpin, Marlene Imagine That! Using Phantasy In Spritual Direction,
W.C. Brown, Dubuque 1982.

Hammond, Sally We Are All Healers, Harper & Row 1973.

Hodgson, Joan Wisdom Of The Stars, White Eagle UK 1973 (1943).

Hearn, Tarchin Growth & Unfolding: Our Human Birthright,
Wangapeka NZ 2004.

Natural Awakening: The Way Of The Heart,
Wangapeka NZ 1995.

Hesse, Hermann Magister Ludi (The Bead Game), Ungar NY 1964.

Siddhartha, New Directions NY 1957.

Journey To The East; Farrar, Straus, Giroux 1968.

Haich / Yesudian Yoga & Health, Allen & Unwin UK 1960.

Huang Po The Zen Teachings Of Huang Po, John Blofeld (tr),
Grove 1959.

Iyengar, B.K.S. Light On Yoga, Allen & Unwin UK 1968.

James, William Varieties Of Religious Experience, Mentor NY 1958.

Janov, Arthur Primal Scream: Primal Therapy.. Dell NY 1970.

Jaynes, Julian Origins Of Conciousness In The Breakdown Of The
Bicameral Mind, University of Toronto 1976.

Jennings, W.D. The Ronin, Tuttle 1968.

Jung, Carl Modern Man In Search Of A Soul, HB&Co NY 1933.

Psyche & Symbol, Doubleday NY 1958.

An Introduction To Zen Buddhism, (commentary),
Grove NY 1964. With DT Suzuki.

Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Vintage NY 1965.

Man & His Symbols, Dell NY 1968.

Kaku, Michio Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey, Oxford 1994.

Kazantzakis, Nikos Saviors Of God: Spiritual Exercises,
Simon & Schuster 1960 (1926).
NR: "A marvellous book ~ one of the great
revelations of this century of the spiritual life".

Zorba The Greek, Ballantine NY 1967.

Report To Greco, Bantam NY 1970.

Kierkegaard, Soren Fear & Trembling & The Sickness Unto Death,
Princeton 1941.

Knight, Gareth A Practical Guide To Qabalistic Symbolism,
Helios UK 1965.

Kongtrul, Jamgon The Torch Of Certainty, J Hanson (tr),
Shambala 1986.

Krishnamurthi, J. Freedom From The Known, Harper Row 1970.

Lawrence, Brother The Practice Of The Presence Of God,
Hodder & Staughton 1981.

Liedloff, Jean The Continuum Concept, Warner 1979.

Lindsay, David Voyage To Arcturus, Ballantine 1968.

The Violet Apple, Chicago Review Press 1976.

Lowen, Alexander Betrayal Of The Body, MacMillan 1969.

Depression & The Body, Penguin 1973.

Bioenergetics, Penguin 1977.

Lubicz, Isha S. Her-Bak: The Living Face Of Ancient Egypt,
Penguin 1972.

Luscher, Dr. Max Luscher Colour Test, Pocket Books 1969.

MacAvoy, R.A. The Damiano Trilogy, Bantam 1984.

Mahamuni, D.T. Sixteen Stages Of Insight Manual;
Mahadhatu, Bangkok 1961.

Mahaharshi, Ramana Who Am I?, Mahadevan (tr),
V.S. Ramanan, India 1902.

Self Enquiry, Ventkataraman India 1965.

Mathiessen, Peter At Play In The Fields Of The Lord, Heineman 1966.
NR: "Concentration exists in every moment, but not
love. Love can only be added by living morally.

Merton, Thomas Wisdom Of The Desert, New Directions 1960.

The Seven Storey Mountain, Doubleday 1970 (1948).

Milne, A.A. Winnie The Pooh, Methuen 1924.

Mipham, Lama Calm & Clear, Tarthang Tulku (tr);
Dharma Publications, Berkeley, 1973.

Muses, C.A. (ed.) Esoteric Teachings Of Tibetan Tantra,
Falcon's Wing Press, 1961.

Narada Maha Thera Manual Of Abhidhamma;
Buddhist Publication Society, Columbo 1956.

Mirror Of Dhamma: A Manual Of Buddhist Chanting &
Devotional Texts; Wheel Publications, Sri Lanka.

Neumann, Eric Origins & History Of Conciousness, Harper NY 1962.

The Great Mother, Princeton 1963.

Amor & Psyche, Princeton 1971.

Nicholl, Maurice The New Man, Hermitage House 1950.

Nyantiloka A Buddhist Dictionary; Frewin, Ceylon 1956.

Persig, Robert Zen In The Art Of Motorcycle Mechanics,
Morrow 1974.

Pratchett, Terry The Colour Of Magic, Corgi 1985.

Rahula, Walpola What The Buddha Taught, Grove 1962.

Reage, Pauline The Story Of O, Grove 1965.

Reik, Theodore Listening With The Third Ear, Pyramid 1964 (1948).

Reps, Paul Zen Flesh, Zen Bones; Doubleday 1961.

Rilke, Rainier M. Sonnets To Orpheus, Duino Elegies;
Fine Editions 1945.

Ropp, Robert de The Master Game, Dell 1968.

Rumi, Jalal al-Din Discourses Of Rumi, AJ Arberry (tr), Murray 1961.

Mathnawi, Luzac 1972.

Saint John The Dark Night Of The Soul, Doubleday 1959.
Of The Cross

Sanford, John Invisible Partners, Paulist Press 1979.

Schumacher, E.F. Small Is Beautiful, Harper & Row 1973.

Serrano, Miguel The Ultimate Flower, Harper Colophon 1972.

Shah, Idries The Way Of The Sufi, Dutton 1970.

Tales Of The Dervishes, Dutton 1970.

Pleasantries Of The Mullah Nasrudin, Dutton 1972.

Simeon, A.T.W. Man's Presumptuous Brain, Dutton NY 1960.

Snellgrove, David Hevajra Tantra: A Critical Study, Oxford 1959.

Soma Thera Vimuttimagga: Path Of Freedom,
Buddhist Publication Society, Sri Lanka 1995.

Sphere Group Dhatu Pon Zon: Gathering Of The Precious Elements;
biography of Sayadaw U Thila Wunta; Sphere Group NZ

Stapledon, Olaf Star Maker, Berkeley Medallion 1961 (Methuen 1937).

Suares, Carlo Cipher Of Genesis, Weiser 1992.

Tannen, Deborah You Just Don't Understand, Ballantine 1991.

Taylor, John Black Holes & The End Of The Universe,
Harper Collins 1974.

Tolkien, J.R.R. Lord Of The Rings, Allen & Unwin 1974.

Tompkins, Peter The Secret Life Of Plants, Avon 1973.
Bird, C. NR: "An excellent [and] exceedingly intriguing

Vajiranana, P. Buddhist Meditation In Theory & Practice;
Gunasena, Colombo, Ceylon; 1962.

Vassi, Marco Contours Of Darkness, Olympia 1972.

Watson, Lyall Supernature, Doubleday NY 1973.

The Romeo Error, Anchor NY 1974.

Reich, Wilhelm Character Analysis, Simon & Schuster NY 1972.

Senge, Sonam Altruism: Contemplations For The Scientific Age,
Open Path, Boise, 1986.

Stout, Rex Nero Wolf [detective novels].

Tarthang Tulku Tibetan Relaxation: Kum Nye Massage & Movement;
Dharma Publications, Berkeley 1973.

Thomas, Lewis The Medusa & The Snail, Penguin 1974.

Lives Of A Cell, Viking 1974.

Waley, Arthur Dear Monkey, Penguin 1961.
Wu Cheng-en

Webber, Mark Union Of Loving-Kindness & Emptiness,
Bodhi Publishing.

Why Meditate?: A Heartsong Of Vast Release,
Bodhi Publishing.

Whitman, Walt Leaves Of Grass, Signet 1964.

Wilhelm, Richard Secret of the Golden Flower: Chinese Book Of Life,
(tr) Harvest 1962. CJ Jung commentary.

Williams, Charles The Greater Trumps, Bard Books NY 1969.

Wolinsky, Stephen Trances People Live, Bramble NJ 1991.


compiled & edited by his students


Namgyal Rinpoche The Vision & Other Essays; Margaret Aboud (ed),
Dharma Centre Of Canada 1971.

Unfolding Through Art; Karma Chime Wongmo (ed),
Open Path, Boise USA 1971.

An Introduction To Meditation; Stuart Hertzog (ed),
Pegasus Press 1976.

The Song Of Awakening: A Guide To Liberation
Through Marananusatti, Mindfulness Of Death; Open
Path, Boise USA 1979.

The Dome Of Heaven: Speculations On An Awakening
Universe; Cecilie Jones (Kwiat) (ed), 1980.

The Womb Of Form: Pith Instructions On 'The Six
Yogas Of Naropa'; Christopher Stevens (ed);
Bodhi Publishing 1998.

Glimmerings Of The Mystical Life; Margaret Morris
(ed), Crystal World, Lindsay 1983.

The Path Of Victory: Discourses On The Parami;
Sonam Senge (ed), Open Path, Boise 1991;

The Breath Of Awakening: A Guide To Liberation
Through The Practice Anupanasati, Karma Chime
Wongmo (ed); Bodhi Publishing 1992.

Karma, Womb, Transcendence: A Journey Towards
Liberation; Bodhi Publishing 1996.

A Body Of Truth: Empowering Through Creative
Imagination; Rab Wilkie, Leslie Hamson, Karma Chime
Wongmo (eds); Bodhi Publishing 1997.

Body, Speech, Mind: A Manual For Human Development,
Cecilie Kwiat (ed); Crystal Staff, Ottawa 1994 /
Bodhi Publishing 2006.

Suchness: The Diamond State Of Realisation,
(commentary on the Diamond Sutra); Karma Chime
Wongmo (ed); Bodhi Publishing 2006.

Right Livelihood; Karma Chime Wongmo (ed);
Bodhi Publishing 2008.

Paleochora Discourses I/II: Exploring The Language
Of Liberation / Healing, Faith, Karma; Cecilie
Jones (Kwiat), Rodney Malham (eds); Crete 1975.
Bodhi Publishing 2009.


Approaching Death; Cecilie Jones (Kwiat),
Crystal Group UK.

Meditation On Love; talks, Hamburg-Peru 1974.

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Untitled Discourses, 1974.

The Pamukkale Series, Turkey 1975.

Foundations Of The Path; course, Assisi, Italy
1975; Toronto Namgyal Society 1980. Sakya-Namgyal.

Healing The Seven Senses,(notes); Christine Vicary
(ed); Banon, France (1977) 1985.

Dumo Heat, Christopher Stevens (ed),
Crystal Staff, Ottawa 1980.

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Practice; discourses 1985/6, Kinmount; revised
Bodhi Publishing 1989.

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Wesley Knapp (ed), Sakya-Namgyal 1990.

The Dome Of Heaven: Awakening; Cecilie Jones
(Kwiat) (ed) 1980; Bodhi Publishing 2004.

Meditation On Peace; Karma Chime Wongmo (ed), Bodhi

What Is Wongkur? With HH Sakya Trizen;
Wesley Knapp (ed), Sakya-Namgyal.

The Brahma Viharas, Wesley Knapp (ed),

Dharma Notes, summer 1976; The Power Of The Group
Mind, Star Group Meditation; Toronto Publishing

World Peace Meditation, Sakya-Namgyal.

Event Horizon (magazine), Open Path, Boise 1980.


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