13 - Magic


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

14 Feb 1971 (afternoon)


"And the Sons of Light came down and married with the Daughters of Man".

It is said that in ancient times space beings came and gave magic to the world, a higher knowledge, including 'names' or vibrations. By knowing the name of an object, one gained mastery over that object.

Development is necessary for occult initiation into the experience of the Magical Garden. This is a kind of development that implies intelligence more than morality, beauty, or trustworthiness. It is an aspect of higher realisation.

The purpose of Magic is the evolution of the human being and mastery of the laws. (Fear of magicians might be a throwback to the fear of gods). The Law of the Spiral indicates correlation between planes. If one can affect an object on a higher plane, then this will affect that object here.

OM AH HUM, the Root Guru mantra, is the main vibration of Tibet.
HRIM - lifting, clearing, effervescing - is for healing.

Vowel sounds affect consciousness and are used in healing mantras. For example:
'e' - high & sharp, for head.
'ah' - for throat.
'oh' - low & round, for belly.

When consciousness rises or falls, sound goes with it, and so mantras are used for the development of a meditation path. A seed syllable sets up an actual physical vibration.

You can charge water by sound or colour but also just by breath. This water can be used for healing or growing things. First draw a cross of stability (+) and then a cross of creation (x) with the breath. This makes a double dorje. Then it is sealed and empowered by drawing a flaming spiral (bindu) with the middle finger of transcendence.

Plants are stimulated by ANY kind of vibration, movement, or touch, and by charges in general. The magician transfers not just his own energy, but channels higher energies as well. Crystal is best, silver is good for containing water, and wood is not bad.

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