07 - Astrocycles & Natal Horoscopes


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

28Jan (Thursday evening)
Theosophical Society

The first breath is important. Prana comes in, then leaves. [But the cutting of the umbilical cord is key - when the infant becomes a physically separate individual].

[In a birth chart, planetary aspects are] important, especially the aspect or angle between the Sun and Moon. Angles determine the polarity of a being. The strongest angles are, in order of strength: 360, 180, 120, 90, and 60 degrees, (conjunction, opposition, trine, square, and sextile). The entity's field is laid down at birth when it is most receptive, and given its charge and polarity. The trine and sextile are negative or receptive; the opposition and square are positive or active. The conjunction is variable and can be either postive or negative, depending on the planets involved.

We respond then to this 'note' as it happens again. [If we are born at the New Moon, we are affected every month by the New Moon]. This imprinting is physical as well as mental.

Whatever the predominant aspect to a conjunction is, shows whether it will go toward or away from being postive or negative, (in the electrical sense). The person then becomes responsive or not to a given vibration. A vibration body is built. Sun at the top of the spine, Moon at the bottom. We are all more compatible with certain things than with others.

An aspect around 120 [a trine] is a good vibration. Good for women and men. In relationships, we have compatible and incompatible spectra. In awakening, you move from a limited receptivity on the spectrum to a broader one. The rays come in but how you work with them is important.

In the womb, first you are floating, (a moon-air experience), then comes birth and the crush of gravity. You fight your way through that to freedom, enlightenment, terrestrial consciousness, beyond gravity. The entity is then its own master with its own capacity and vibration. All it takes in affects its responsiveness. Mothers are not responsible for their children. It's the other way around. A child comes to a mother/father relationship whose vibration is the same as its own. That's karma. It is already its own mother/father.

All environmental factors at birth are included in the planetary rays. Gravity is a field-force phenomenon.. sympathetic vibrations are drawn from all over the universe. Prior to Awakening, only those beings sympathetic to your horoscope configuration can be worked with. You need a rebirth to terrestrial consciousness to deal effectively with anything here on Earth. Gravity is based on an unseen or non-material essence, and it is weak at a distance or at the subatomic level. We are responsive to sub-atomic and nuclear forces as well as to electro- magnetic force and gravity: 'As Above so Below..'.

Sunspots follow an 11-yr cycle, and at their peak can create havoc. [Editor's Note: Solar Cycle 24 began on Jan 3, 2008 with a magnetically reversed solar flare. This marks the start of the upswing of solar activity. Solar Cycle 24 is expected to peak around 2011-2012 and to subside around 2018-2020].

The Law of Duality implies that any process in the physical world has an analogue in the mental and spiritual worlds.

We are wandering rays of light bound to certain limits by planets and stars until the ray changes its vibration, expands, and finally gets beyond all limits and the necessity of sympathetic response. We are bound here by 'limited love', our karmic attractions bind us. Love is the abandonment of attachment.. spirit is free-flowing. Although actually there is no distinction between mind and matter. Study one and find the other. Awaken to God being aware of his own creation.

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