18 - Dream Yoga


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)


Dream Yoga is one of the Six Yogas of Naropa.

Recognising that a dream is a dream is the main thing. Remove awareness and everything becomes clouded.

1. Losing clarity, the ability to recognise, is a violation of the Tantric precepts. If this happens, regret it and do the Vajrasattva mantra.
2. If of low faith, strengthen faith.
3. If hung up material things, drop it.
4. If you lose the tigle or pollute your body, purify the food and place of meditation.
5. If there are distracting thoughts, live alone and strengthen aspiration and confidence.
6. Thinking that everything that happens during each day is a dream will help dream recognition at night.

A> In depth, all things are a projection from the alaya consciousness, whether crude, subtle, or most subtle.

Blindness is a violation of the Tantric precepts. If sex is not for love and the Path, it is akusala - 'sinful', unwholesome. The greatest sin is purposelessness. Sex for unfoldment is fully giving with full participation. Motives must be good. A sin is any action that leads to a split mind, missing the mark, non-flow.

A mantra may be given spontaneously in meditation to an aspirant. In meditation you can ask a teacher to clear an obstruction and receive the gift-waves.

B> Faith (saddha) is confidence, resting, stability.
C> Instead of clinging to the body and being afraid to let it go - give it all away.
D> The first prerequisite for the Path is suitable friends - supportive, helpful, loving. Ask, does this person help me unfold or not? After encountering a problem, cleanse the mind with 'arahung' or by saying the Refuges.
E> For Dream Yoga, one must be alone and undistracted.
F> Dreams are maya, an illusion.

The Path is about total aspiration - be with those people who exemplify this. Avoid poor vibrations and friction; put up your defenses. Cast a mandala for protection.

When practicing Dream Yoga, hold consciousness in the throat chakra. First, meditate on the guru on the head. Experience this. Then, the guru sitting in the throat on a four-petal lotus. A white OM in the centre, a blue AH in front (or at the bottom if visualising the lotus vertically on a wall in front), a yellow NU to the right, a red TA to the left, a green RA behind. ANUTTARA: supreme, beyond, transcendance.

Just before sleep, do the vase breathing, then do Fire Yoga (for one third of the total time of one hour), followed by this visualisation in the throat chakra. Hold OM to start and throughout. Cosmic consciousness happens after the end of the out-breath - an impulse of mind, 'the flight of the arrow'. All you need is to become totally aware of one complete breath cycle.

Hold OM for a moment before breathing begins until after the breath ends. Do this before sleep. This helps collect prana in the throat chakra for opening the central channel. The yogi should think continuously that all is a dream, avoid rich foods and over-eating which dulls the Divine Eye, and not become exhausted. In short, combine strong will with other (calming) methods.

It is most natural (for men) to eat perhaps just five times per day - lightly, when saliva is flowing - chewing food well.

{There will be a meditation Sunday night between 10pm and midnight for everyone to join with the Bhikkhu. You can do the mantra of the wong or whichever mantra is helpful for you}.

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