06 - Dreams & Healing


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

27Jan71 (Wednesday evening)

There are four types or levels of dreams:

  1. Karmic
  2. Somatic
  3. Supra-interpersonal
  4. Precognitive

The first two, these more than the others, have to do with healing, and exploring them helps to open the 'Third Eye' [Deva Chakkhu, Divine Eye, Eye of Wisdom].

Re-awakening previous lives is the best dissolver of karmic formations - habits, hang-ups.

Exploring the first two types of dream brings physical ease and health. Dreams will change, then you can move on to the other types. You will contact the astral bodies of others, here and there, opening the communication channels with devas, animals, and so on; and contact other people more deeply, beyond their masks [personae]. The fourth level is clairvoyant and visionary. One can project the stabilities of the present and past, mastered on into the future and through space.

'Metta' [loving-kindness] is a pre-requisite for the mastery of dream-states. If two consciousnesses *will* to meet on the dream-plane, it's quite easy to have the same dream or, for example, to see into a box in a friend's room. Only if in your daily life you are subject to being controlled are you likely to set it up to have another being control you on the dream- planes, but those beings on the non-physical planes are actually weaker than us.

'Araham' [arahang] is good for meditation here.

Anything adding to a regularity on the astral plane - yoga conscientiousness, meditation, or whatever, give a pattern of discipline and conscious mind control. This in turn gives confidence in strange places, helps mutual dream experiments, etc.

In a dream, a house represents your body. Understanding this will lead to the first glimmer of the Third Eye opening. The house you are in IS your body, and rooms are your vital organs. You must learn which room is which organ.

Write down and tabulate your dreams over a period of one month, listing repetitions of things or objects, for example. Any problem appearing in a dream means that it has become manifest, conscious, and starting to become liberated. A clear depiction is best. This means that the problem is being worked out. It is also good to catch yourself being someone else, such as seeing a mother's smile and becoming her.

Listen to (ambiance recordings of) natural sounds to reawaken our diencephalon and old cells. Immerse yourself in them to awaken the evolutionary sense.

A single chalice or cup is a good sign. It represents integration. Dreams can flow one into the other. A night dream is usually deeper than a dream during the day, yet a day dream is often clearer. In the afternoon, look for archetypes. Through the pineal gland, consciousness can travel further at night, partly because the body is out of the way. Calm the body down. It will cool out then body awareness is cut down.

To stimulate dreams, meditate on a rose colour. Hold attention on the back of the throat while going to sleep. Use various colours for whatever problems of imbalance there may be.

After the evolutionary experience, you have rapport with lower beings. Simply and easily experience the auric interchange.

The Bhikkhu INTENDS to come back. 28 + 23 + 33 etc. Cycles have to do with earlier tilts of the Earth's axis, the orbit and influence of the Moon, and so forth. The full moon is usually an energy peak.

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