19 - Dumo Yoga II


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

(Notes by Pauline Fediow)

Precede meditation with relaxation exercises and deep breathing, coming out gradually, stretching and deep breathing. Meditate on death to overcome indolence.

Begin by visualising the Central Channel, from the Fire Chakra four finger-widths below the navel, up to the Crown and around to the nostrils. Do Vase Breathing then balance the breathing. If necessary, lie down, close off the left nostril, then sit up and close right nostril, exhaling long through the left nostril. Inhale in short quick breaths forcefully, then exhale long and gently. Do this a few times. Do the other side, then both sides when breathing out. Believe that all sickness and negativity are being expelled. When breathing easily, the hands go onto the knees.

The preliminary: sit in the Vajra Posture - take a long breath, drawing it down below navel. (Swallow saliva). Contract the anus slightly and hold air at the navel region, contract anus more then relax. Repeat. When you can hold no longer, exhale long and slowly three times; then do this again: Inhaling, Filling, Dissolving, and Shooting.

Do this exercise only once a day at first. While holding the breath, visualise air leaving between the eyebrows, with the Central Channel and chakras linked together, filled with triangular vajras.

The mantra for Dumo is "WHA!"

In the Fire Chakra visualise a reddish brown flame, hot and undulating. It is almond-shaped with a spiral flicker. If you cannot produce heat beyond this one part of the body, wrap the arms around your crossed knees and practice the Vase Breathing. Rotate abdomen clockwise and anticlockwise; protrude abdomen and contract while holding the breath. Expel breath, then do the exercises. Think of the fire blazing up in the Central Channel.

Other Fire exercises, from our yoga class, can be used, such as kundalini. To save kundalini, press left heel to anus. The feet are tremendous power-houses.

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