08 - Exercise For Knowledge Of Reincarnation


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

Monday evening

An exercise to come through to a knowledge of reincarnation: 'solassakaya', the exercise of 'The Body of the Sun', also called the "Sixteen Buddha Bodies" practice.

Centre awareness in the Life Centre, three fingers above the navel; only up to three hours per day except under a teacher in the forest. In the city, one hour maximum. Hold the attention in the Life Centre and focus on any manifestation of light, such as a diamond-blue point of light (often seen during concentration when eyes are closed).

Hold this until a picture or image comes, then return to the point of light to get another image. Do this a total of sixteen times. On the fifth point of point of light, review the previous four images as beads and you'll see that they are connected.

Trace the association in a meditative state, then repeat the process, (4+1,4+1,4+1,4+1,+1) until you get to the final summation. When this exercise is done with clear concentration and tranquility, you will ascend the levels.

If it gets repetitive and stagnant, work on intensifying the diamond point of light. The point of light must be brilliant. It's power shows the state of your mind. You can use the Dumo Heat meditation to increase it. When the embryo point opens, you pass through it to the other side where you see another lifetime for a second of two. With practice, this leads to the mastery of the dream state, and you could spend up to 45 minutes there.

At the end of the sixteen images, review and see if there's a thread or theme that runs through all of them, or if it jumps to another state of consciousness. After a while, you might see your auric body. You should have four levels open up to you.

A good mantram to use is 'araham', or any mantram you receive in a wong [empowerment]. The shorter the mantram, the more powerful it is, generally. 'Araham' is a good general mantram. It's a proto-mantram - not the full vibration.

Dream mastery means that you can drop the physical body and its distractions. Things awaken to you according to the degree of your involvement. A paranoid or fearful being should use more discipline. For a calm being with confidence in the Dharma, recollected and free flowing, free exploration is good. Discipline is only an aid to the unfolding.

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