03 - Healing & Cancer

E-Post #3, Jan 20/08.

Welcome to our third newsletter. Over the next few months we will have more notes from Rinpoche's classes, some stories collected from readers, and news about our book publishing project. So far, your responses have been very encouraging, substantial, and - I have to say - memorable.

For the recent spate of stories and reflections, we thank Russell Rolfe for a sample of his Rumtek (1971) adventures, Sharon Davison-Fleetwood for bringing us closer to now with a 21st century impact statement, Peter Dederichs for a Chorpel-behind-the-wheel story.. trying to keep up with Rinpoche on Mexican roads, Michael Brine for an early Theosophical encounter, Tarchin Hearn for sublime Pacific reflections, Peter Boag for waking us back to Mexico, David Berry for a double-edged transmission, Gerry Kopelow for having been a "Paaasha", and Henri van Bentum for passing along the earliest narrative yet: Rumtek 1967.

Correction: In newsletter #3 we thanked Henri van Bentum for his narrative about travelling with Rinpoche in 1967. On this trip, however, Henri did not visit Rumtek as stated. That was later - during the 1971 pilgrimage.

Also, appreciations to Sonam Gyatso for vital historical facts, and to Sonam Senge and Doug Duncan for their thoughts about context and what might not be communicable.




Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

20Jan71 Wednesday, Toronto
(Sun enters Aquarius)

On Saturday we shall meet here at 11am and drive to Niagara Falls. (Saturday is Saturn's Day, and Saturn rules Aquarius).

To eliminate cancer, the Chinese method includes fresh air as very important - deep breathing. This will burn it up. Also eating lightly, and walking - especially after meals. This helps to move food through the stomach. Refrain from fried food, and avoid cooking in aluminum pots (which are unhealthy due to molecular breakdown, ionisation, etc).

The being must always have a calm seeing will to go forward.

Most illnesses are caused by tensions and chakric blocks. One needs flexibility of the body/mind. Intervention by the cortex (thinking mind) stops this, although usually it cannot reach the intestines which are not under cortical control.

The first thing is to use and unfold your body regularly. If ill, stop eating. [Do a fast]. Drink water, but not an excesssive amount, with some lime juice. Then start adding very simple foods, perhaps 'yang', one at a time, in small meals. A human stomach, if free of worries, can eat almost anything.

To remove [muscular] armouring: have warm contact with others.. touch, massaging blocked areas, especially the anxiety centre [solar plexus]. A flexible spine is very important for the re-awakening of body consciousness, (not to fear or be unaware of it).

Heart and hands give off the most light.. from your hands when the light is flowing.. when you are in love. Only you can see (feel) the illness as you run your hands over the body of the other. With love there is sensitivity, calm, harmony. For healing, you need a rapport and love-flow between the two beings. From this comes an intuitive grasp.

For healing, meditate on 'metta' before sleep, and on 'beauty' immediately on waking up. This will first bring up all your problems and then gradually clear them out. Eventually, the 'third eye' will open and wander through the body.

Humour is a release of tension, so.. tickle them first, trip them up, or otherwise bring them into their body, perhaps with a cold shower. If full of tension, a warm bath is good. If in fear of dissolution, cold works.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Rinpoche nearly always based his talks and teachings on books, and encouraged his students to read them. In this instance, his advice about fasting and diet comes from George Ohsawa's theories and insights about yin & yang foods - 'macrobiotics', a term he coined.

Ohsawa was the Brown Rice man. Before Ohsawa there was no such thing as brown rice. In Canada at least, the only rice we'd ever seen was white. Rinpoche was always up-to-date, attuned to the most promising new developments.

His reference to the 'intellectual' cortex of the brain, the outer portion or 'grey matter' which is a relatively recent evolutionary development, is inspired by "Man's Presumptuous Brain" by Simeon Potter. While the term "armouring" - habitual muscular tightness or rigidity - is borrowed from Alexander Loewen and his work with body awareness ('bioenergetics') as described in "Betrayal of the Body"

Indeed, sometimes a series of Rinpoche's classes was dedicated to the study of a single book, while an exploration of its practical (or theoretical) implications might continue for months (or years) afterwards. Prior to 1971, his Dharma Centre classes had included studies of each of the above books, and some de-armouring exercises developed by Loewen are still used by former students. While Rinpoche's astrological references in our first newsletter derive mainly from "The Seven Rays of the QBL" by Frater Albertus.


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