16 - Kasina Meditation (Fire)


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)


Focus on one kasina for a time and only when more proficient go on to several at a time, mixing them. For the the Fire, Light, or White kasina do not go into jhana, not quite. Work on extending it internally, but as a second object, (as when extending the flame in Dumo practice). This helps the arising of direct knowledge (clairvoyance) of the Divine Eye. Light is best for this.

Extend it by, for example, making it three dimensional and larger, translucent, like mist, and visualise an object within it. You can use a black triangle for Kierkegardian passion, a crescent for aspiration, a square for foundation.

This April 10th (Padmasambhava Day) will be the third stage of the [Milarepa] wongkur.

To meditate on the Fire Kasina: cut an open circle in any material and place it in front of a fire or flames. Focusing on the middle of the flames is preferable when they are steady.

You could make a square opening instead of a circle. Do this on squarely interwoven material with even strands, as in rush matting, so that it is like the sign (nimitta) in mind that might be seen at the death-moment. Seeing cloth at any time shows you the state of your mind. It should be clear white or rainbow. The texture of this cloth has a more obvious texture in the matt than ordinary cloth.

When mastery of fire is being achieved, you concentrate on the separation of the flames in the centre of the combustion. Don't pay attention to its colour or its heat but concentrate on the concept or idea of 'tejo' - 'pavakkah' (bright one). Other mantras can be 'kanahovattani' - leaver of the black trail, fire in the nadis; 'jataveda' - knower of creatures. To perceive the aura: 'hutasana' - on the altar of sacrifice. However,'tejo' is the best mantra to use.

A seed syllable is given later by the teacher, after the 'nimitta' has come, for example in the breathing, after the bubbles appear. The learning sign is a drop in the consciousness, a sinking down. As the flame separates it becomes a gold fan or red cloth with a suggestion of (stationary) folds that becomes like columns - double spiral columns.

Fire can be produced by any temperature. The colour red produces specific results. When using a candle, at first just let the eyes gently gaze. The size of the circular opening can be reduced but shouldn't be too small. You shouldn't have any headache. Start meditating for only five or ten minutes at a time. Build a tunnel as it were, but watch it.. watch for rings coming up and swallowing you.

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