09 - Liberation


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)


'Ti Lakkhana': Contemplation On The Three Characteristics of Existence.

Atta [Sanskrit] ~ divine self.
Anatta [Pali] - no-self. The doctrine of Anatta or No-Self
is part of the uniqueness of Buddhism.

"Sabbe sankhara anicca'ti" - all compound things are impermanent.
"Sabbe sankhara dukkha'ti" - all compound things are full of struggle.
"Sabbe dhamma anatta'ti" - all dharmas are ego-less, including the
unmanifest.. impersonal, in a sense.

One needs to experience 'satori', the Path Moment, to understand 'anatta'. Defilements are broken at the experience of Path Moment. The first ofd the Three Fetters is 'sakkya ditthi' or body-view, belief in the ego. This fetter is associated with 'lobha' - greed, or self-augmentation. It falls away at stream entry, 'sotapatti- magga'. One who attains this is a stream-enterer, 'sotapanna' - one who has heard the divine sound (thunder). The ego-view is blasted away, the underbrush is cleared. All defenses, blocks, and neuroses are wiped out. Flow begins. Stream Consciousness is attained. 'Panna' means breath or vibration. It is a quantum leap to hear the sound of the breathing universe.

The divine sound is heard when the divine ear ('diba sota') opens. When the divine eye ('deva chakkhu') opens, you see the worlds beyond ('lok{a}-uttara'). These are transcendental experiences.

Liberation means that the energies are freed to develop and direct the natural powers of the mind. 'Arahatship'. The Original Mind is free to work. The sign of the mastery of the 84 siddhis [extraordinaty powers] is a flaming bindu, [a spiral unwound with a curling tail]. The siddhis are part of all and any human consciousness, a reflective, testing consciousness. The natural curious mind is restored.

The second fetter to fall is 'vicikichha' (wee cheeky cha)1 , skeptical doubt, which corresponds with 'dosa' - anger or hatred. The bundle of doubt is angst or anxiety and question, clinging to securities and defenses, as with the instant [kneejerk] "NO!" This reaction blocks further development and exploration. In another way it can come across as an obsessional or fixed view of other people. This pattern of defense is broken when the second fetter falls.

An action is good or bad with reference to its intent or motivation. The motivation of your meditation determines your Awakening. You must be curious and interested. Interest rises and falls according to the degree of your involvement.

The third fetter to fall away is 'silabhata-paramasa' - attachment to rule and ritual. This corresponds with 'moha' - delusion or ignorance.

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