04 - Magic


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

24Jan71 (Sunday afternoon)

Magic is purported to rest on higher knowledge, an insight into higher laws, passed down from ancient sages or space visitors.

A group's dynamic tends towards exclusiveness, withdrawal, elitism - the sin of non-sharing. Historically, this has been the case with magic groups.

To join the Mysteries, intelligence is a pre-requisite. This is a prime factor.

'Black Magic' is for the glorification of the ego, 'White Magic' is for the unfoldment of the being or beings. [Most magic these days is Grey.. very muddy or confused].

There are relatively few areas in the world where lines of power and spiritual landscape architecture were developed. The United States is dead because it wasn't developed, only partly. Earlier, certain cities were built on power centres. Not so in North America. Therefore consciousnesses living there don't become inspired.

Centres of power are usually on geological fault-lines where the elements are exposed. Often there is running water..

'Toronto' means meeting place (of these energies). Mountains are especially centres of power. Teachers wander from energy centre to energy centre to keep the lines open. There must be a communion with each place. The collective consciousness has to be aware in order to help and raise the energy, so go as a group. Telepathy becomes the order of the day and it is much more effective with a group.

In the highest magic there is no ceremony. (Ceremonies are to concentrate the energies and mind). And no physical things are used - that's crude. Mind moves matter.

A child-like, innocent mind without intention is best for performing magic. There needs to be a pure, uninvolved mind without your ego intentions. 'Impossible things happen to those to whom all things are possible'. 'There is no such thing as a "coincidence". This is simply an event when Laws come together.

Take an object and hold it cupped in the palms of your hands, and hold it at the navel. Hear it and discover its vibration.

Use rose & gold light for aura development.

During eclipses explore the physical body, at full moons the unconscious.1

You can't fool yourself.. you must know that you are unfolding into greater happiness and expression of beauty in your life. Magic is the state of ever-unfolding beauty and harmony. You enter magic in order to help yourself be healed, which will help others.

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