22 - Meditation & Wongkur


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Ken Long (Scribe)

Editor's Note: The class notes for these teachings by Rinpoche in 1971 begin to thin out as students and teacher prepare for the third in a series of empowerments in Toronto then, in May, the beginning of a voyage to India and Sikkim to meet with His Holiness the 16th Karmapa. These were the first empowerments given by Rinpoche: 1000-arm Chenrezi, Milarepa, and Vajrasattva. The third one, Vajrasattva, was given privately to each student over a period of about five weeks to late April, the date and time calculated as most auspicious according to each student's natal chart.

31 March 1971 (Toronto)

Meditation is about a man or woman in relationship to himself or herself. Meditation clarifies and improves the senses. It is about the two pillars of the Teaching: Awareness (here & now) and Compassion.

For the Vajrasattva wongkur:

  1. White scarf (obligatory).
  2. An offering.
  3. 12-hour fast (preferable).
  4. Bring your own mala (rosary).
  5. A calm, quiet, tranquil mind.

When you come in, kneel down close to the lama.

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