02 - Orientation to Meditation


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

18Jan71 (evening) Toronto

We need to maintain a balance between serenity and thrust (exploration). Consciousness is a struggle of life and meditation, between passivity and action, male & female, and so forth. A balanced mindstate is needed first, and an inquiring, serene mind. Dialogue is essential. Then strive for an even higher state of balance. Once you have it, only Work will maintain it. This dialogue is laborious!

It happens in the course of a day, this fluctuation, and the awareness of it. Being and Knowing is the challenge and [pure] awareness is the only thing that succeeds.

To change a state requires skill in means. Questions must be raised if one is too passive or stagnant.

Colours can help cool or heat a mindstate, as can sound and music. A dynamic of balance in every direction is needed to seek the mandalic state. Read "The Bead Game", ["Magister Ludi" - The Master Game - by Hermann Hesse O].

Go to union and have a previously established question. It will be answered immediately after 'ekagata'. Pose the question, even if non-verbally, but meaningfully. The question is always more important than the technique. With a depth question, the technique is only an aid in the direction of the question.

Meditation is an aid in sharpening the question - the kind of question which we MUST have answered, that takes us beyond "us", (who we think we are). Any increase in calm or question (insight) increases the other.. eventually, if not at first. The distinction, between the two, blurs.

Curiosity! is the key. INTEREST in the solution leads to integration - beyond subject/object and 'buts'. 'How can I remember when the original mind is stopped from operating?' In joy, spontaneity, investigate the Law of Association, as in "The Bead Game". Question = search = curiosity.

Evolution has reached the point where Humanity can *participate* with evolution. (This is part of the evolutionary plan). Evolution may in a sense have gone beyond changes in physical form and we are now at a point of a mental leap, producing new mind organs and faculties rather than new anatomical adaptations to the environment. Bead Games would awaken the 'silent areas' of the brain and consciousness. The discipline of direction is part of any meditation technique.

'Spiritual' means free-moving. Evolution is on about greater complexity. The development of consciousness is part of this. The problem I pose as a particular teacher is about Terrestrial Consciousness.

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