23 - Preparation For Wongkur


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Ken Long (Scribe)

05Apr71 (Toronto)

To prepare for wongkur, you can do a puja in the morning, reflecting on the Triple Gem. Upon waking, think briefly on death and Metta.

1. On arising do Buddhanusatti, reflecting on enlightenment as you conceive it; on the quality you'd like to aspire to, to manifest that day; or reflect on the Teacher or an admired person to develop positive thinking and a good quality of mind.

Think also then of the Dharma, the laws, or a particular law, for example: What is colour? This can be an exploration for the whole day. The Sangha is next - the mind of enlightenment and exploration that is present in all beings and in their inter-relationships. The Purpose. As with the Communion of Saints. Reflect on death and the preciousness of life. Feel the urgency.

Meditate on the body. Explore it. Go to the third eye and look into the body. "Atthi, mamsam, taco.." - skin, flesh, bones. Three times, back and forth. This is especially good when practicing Mindulness of Breathing, and serves to regulate sensuality. It helps get past body things in interpersonal relationships, such as the 'Bunny-girl and Muscle-man' pattern.

You can also reflect on Metta or the first wong. Expand the light of the Heart in a rose light, spread Love.. in a peaceful way. Then start the day.

Motivation? Get on with it! Stop the clinging. Love is what matters.

2. Mindfulness, awareness. When practising mindfulness begin with the body (kayavipassana), then feelings, moodstates, and contents of mind. These first two things, physical and emotional, are important. If you cannot concentrate, there's blocking. Your mindstate is obscured.

3. A mantra given by the Teacher is to be used in the course of the day, especially when things are difficult or the energies aren't right. Basically, this mantra will calm the mind.

4. Pray without ceasing. Let all things flow from your spiritual search. *All things are of God*.

5. Formal meditation - to sharpen or calm the mind; balance it. Bring the energies to oneness.. to make a breakthrough.

6. Meditate on Metta before sleep for a deep peaceful, happy sleep, or prior to Dream Yoga.

Repeat the mantra & visualisation of the second wong all morning. The first wong is for overcoming karma. The mantra will increase happiness at any time of the day. The mantra of the third stage prepares for the spontaneous coming of God.

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