05 - Psychology


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

25 January (Monday morning)

Books to read: "The Ultimate Flower" - Miguel Serrano, "Mount Analogue" - Rene Daumal, "Teachings Of Don Juan" - Carlos Castaneda, "Journey To The East" - Hermann Hesse.

The human being always wants to go look at the 'other side'. So promote a relationship of respect between beings - that's the first thing. Every being teaches but we all teach in different ways. The will of God is not to suffer but to love and respect all of creation. Kill not, suffer not. Just awaken!

Man is a compromising, canny, retreating, shy, studious, defensive deer-type of being. The aggression is just conditioning, but a very important problem nowadays. To treat aggression, don't take it seriously. It is only a conditioned response to something going wrong, not a basic part of the universe or Humanity. People are very perceptive. It's okay to lose your temper and then to apologise… you are sorry that it had to go so far.

The first step to overcoming aggression is to see how natural it is.

It's okay to keep a mask, a decent restraint. Let there be a spontaneous flow of real feelings, and they will show. Just don't get fixed in any of them or put them on artificially. Some real feelings include a mask against real feelings.

The main thing in a dialogue is the need of the beings in developing love. Patience is necessary, and much listening. Be careful - don't push people. 'Remove a neurosis - cause a psychosis'. Silence is useful and healing.

To expect something is to try to read the book about the magic garden while you are IN the magic garden!

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