20 - Qabala And Tarot


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

18Mar71 (Theosophical Society)

The Qabala reveals the Old & New Testament.

There are three levels of the Tree of Life, with one globe above and another below. Although actually there are four levels - for a total of 42 globes. The triune support of the universe is the three. The Tree itself has three pillars: Severity, Mildness, and Mercy; or Strength, Beauty, and Wisdom.

Ten Spheres (Sefiroth) comprise the body of Adam Kadmon, the Cosmic Man:

1 Kether     Crown         Galaxy  (First Swirling, Primum Mobile)
2 Chokmah    Wisdom        Zodiac
3 Binah      Understanding Saturn
4 Chesed     Mercy         Jupiter
5 Geburah    Severity      Mars
6 Tiphareth  Beauty        Sun
7 Netzach    Victory       Venus
8 Hod        Glory         Mercury
9 Yesod      Foundation    Moon
10 Malkuth   Kingdom       Earth

Kether becomes The Kingdom of the Tree above, transposed to Heaven, and all has been removed by one. This alteration balances all.

The solar system is the consciousness of the Divine Man and during birth the [incarnating soul] descends, as in Genesis, [from beyond the Zodiac through each planetary Sphere to Earth]; and there are Four Trees in Adam.

Galaxies are formed for evolved consciousness. Our noosphere (collective mind) becomes a power, a creative Adam, which creates a new universe of new planets, and so on. It collapses its form to consciousness and re-makes consciousness as form.

The Spheres are vessels, theoretically devised to define the limits of the Creative Essence. They are hollow radiant balls of light. They are unchanging and unchangeable light and coloured balls produce different manifestations based on different rays. God is not in the Tree because that would be *containing* Him. God is the Creative Essence - shining through each and all Spheres.

The 22 TAROT KEYS (Major Arcanum)
representing aspects of spiritual experience progress:

0  Fool, Uranus    : transcendance - foolish, in both senses.
1  Magus, Mercury  : the Messiah - THE channel, and first
                    representative of God on Earth; the Priest.
2  Priestess, Moon : silent Wisdom, the anima.
3  Empress, Venus  : the unconscious, manifest and plentiful.
4  Emperor, Aries  : the First Principle.
5  Hierophant, Taurus: revelation of occult knowledge.
6  Lovers, Gemini  : Love - aspiration binds!
7  Chariot, Cancer : spiritual progress.
8  Strength, Leo   : the Heart.
9  Hermit, Virgo   : Perfection.
10 Wheel, Jupiter  : beginning of a new wheel or cycle (rota).
                    Completion of the first cycle. Dharma itself. The
                    Tarot itself. The study of 'taro' will teach you
                    the laws of Nature ('ator', Hathor). [It will
                    speak ('orat') to you].
11 Justice, Libra  : balance.
12 Hanged Man, Neptune: the turning about of consciousness, the descent
                    of the divine into the vessel.
13 Death, Scorpio  : the Spirit of Fertility and bringing forth.
14 Temperance, Sagittarius: flow or vibration from higher consciousness
                    to lower and back again. Sagittarius [has a
                    temper] so what it needs is temperance, tempering.
15 Devil, Capricorn: the struggle for what you want. Incomplete
                    knowledge is slavery.
16 Tower, Mars     : lightning samadhi, destruction of the ego.
17 Star, Aquarius  : [meditation on] the chakras/stars.
18 Moon, Pisces    : the boundaries of the known, of knowledge. Moving
                    them back further and further; and Scorpio
19 Sun, Sun        : energy for the Path.
20 Judgement, Pluto: resurrection, the beginning of a new life.
21 World, Saturn   : mastery of the world, the dance. The Four Gospels.

Each of the 22 letters of the Semitic 'alphabet' is attributed to one of the above Tarot Trumps. Each Letter symbolises a Path or channel.

The 22 Letters plus 10 Spheres represent 32 paths of Wisdom, 32 teeth in the mouth of the Vast Countenance, 32 nerves (nadis) from the Divine Brain, 32 Degrees in Freemasonry - the 32nd being the Prince of the Royal Secret, God is mentioned 32 times in Genesis (and 33 times in the Freemason's translation of Genesis.. the 33rd Degree is beyond 'The Work' - transcendance. The 33rd Degree lies above the Tree). The 32 spiral segments lead to the 'Temple of Wisdom', (the skull).

The serpent that climbs the Tree is kundalini and relates to the Pythagorean Mysteries.

One must make a distinction, must have a base for work, to move - even though there might be an error. You must understand Duality before you can understand and appreciate Union.. 'the greater the doubt, the greater the awakening'. All ignorance is human, (the Devil has a navel signifying that ignorance is born from human error).

Come to love through differences. Separateness, duality, ambivalence, question, struggle - all lead to love. The greater the struggle, the greater the love. You work into love, you don't 'fall in love' - that's just seeing yourself in another person.

All our views of God are the Devil.

A Method Of Pure Spiritual Divination

Use the whole deck. Both querent and reader are silent. The querent must be in search and willing to receive the answers. A reading is done only once during a lunar cycle [one month]. First, clear the mind. Go for a reading to someone you trust, who can keep an empty mind, and ask prayerfully.

The Keys [Trumps] are the key to the interpretation.

The reader shuffles the deck, prayerfully, three times (representing the three books). Cut the deck in half, rotating three times. Shuffle to front end and middle once, saying "As Above, so Below". Set cards down, draw a cross, then knock the deck three times. Querent chooses three cards that go in the middle of the deck. The top three cards are the querent's cards and the bottom three are the reader's (the Teacher's). The cards show only the spiritual state and trend.

When you first shuffle the cards, do so until the inner voice says 'stop', then prayerfully close 'the book' [of Tarot]. Make three cuts of the deck and lay each stack out sequentially to the left. The middle stack represent the present, the stack on the left is the past, and the stack on the right is the future. "As Above, so Below".

For a male, the cross sign that is drawn ends with vertical line: top to bottom then back to centre. For a female, draw the horizontal line last.

Cut to right, remove, and place to your left. The middle then is your right. The middle row is the present trend. Study the card you get during the next lunar period - until the full moon.

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