15 - Qabala And Tree Of Life


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

18Feb71 (Evening)
Theosophical Society

Meditation on the Diamond Light, the 'Sixteen Buddha Bodies' practice, can be used to reveal past lives.

In Buddha Dharma there are four worlds or planes of consciousness, in Pali, called 'loka'.


Terrestrial  xoxoxoxox  Human
Solar        xoxoxoxox  Deva
Galactic     xoxoxoxox  Mahadeva
Universal    xoxoxoxox  Parideva (highest plane of consciousness)

Through all these levels an interest leads you on. You must be involved with the question, even the speculation. As the interest in previous lives is strong, so grows the light. You see here what your mind is involved in! This meditation shows you where you're at.

Levels & Cycles Of Existence

                 SENSI-  VITAL   WORK  EMOTN  CLI-  GROWTH     MIND ETE
                 TIVITY   LIFE    &           MATE                  RNI
                         FORCE   REST                               TY
  First Cause
1 ELECTRON      instant                      6.66"     day    month
2 MOLECULE                             6.66"   day   month     year
  Small Cells
3 CELLS                          6.66"   day month    year       7y
  Many Cells  (impulse)
4 MAN         2.2*10-19  6.66"    day  month  year      7y     144y
5 SOLAR SYSTEM    6.66"    day  month   year    7y    144y    2160y
6 GALAXIES          day  month   year     7y  144y   2160y  25,920y
7 CREATION        month   year     7y   144y 2160y 25,920y 259,200y
1 impulse      = 2.2*10(-19)
1 breath cycle = +3.33" and -3.33"
1 day cycle    = 12h day + 12h night
1 month cycle  = 15d waxing moon + 15d waning moon
1 year cycle   = 6m light + 6m dark
1 7y cycle     = 3.5y + 3.5y
1 life cycle   = 72y incarnate + 72y immaterial

The Tree of Life

Man attains the absolute only through his duality or polarity of body. We have a limited body and unlimited mind. Every limit reveals as its opposite, unlimitedness. The only (relatively) unchanging thing is our inherent species-shape and appearance. Man adapts with his reasoning and the recognition of phenomenon. Recognition, based on light, stimulates him. There is always some light in the world, from the sun and sky. Light is tantamount to Creation. Man takes his humanness for granted, as he does the rotation of the heavens - from which comes the highest kind of human intelligence.

Above the top of the Tree are the three Negative Veils:

Ain Soph
Limitless light
Ain Soph Aur

The whole teaching of the Tree is about duality, polarity, quanta. The Tree exists in the Four Worlds: Archetypal, Creative, Formative, Elemental.

What is 'light'?

Man has a sense of permanence in the midst of change - ego! The ego says I'm eternal and then reasons about impermanence. Endless unformed light is the exchange between Ain and Ain Soph. It is the balance.. the Holy Ghost.

The Shadow of God is the Tree Of Life, starting with Kether, The Crown. And God's face is imprinted in matter. All Laws of God are shadowed on Earth. Light as we know it is the negative of Light as God knows it. Our light is the shadow; we need resistance, but God's light is endless. The shadows are the material of God, so God must unmake before He can make a universe. In chaos is the void. The bits and pieces are the umaking, a loosing of God. God unmade Himself so that a universe could be.

The roots of the Tree are in Malkuth: the core of our Earth. There is only one centre. Our orientation is toward the centre of the Earth. Our God is really down there, called Malkuth. Yet our whole journey is outward bound. We are the 'pea' on top of Earth's head and its radar. We see other consciousnesses go by (Mars, Venus, etc). We are also like fleas on a dog, wanting to jump to another dog (planet).

We are like an iron filing oriented to the Earth's core. He [Earth] looks outward, but we've never in our lives looked upward, or inward. He sees other dogs out there suspended in space but Man is anchored. We are grounded by gravity - a force holding us to the core because of the spine and its energies - and for a long time we have been wondering about the other planets that float by.

We have to reverse the Tree to get out. Our spine must become free-floating.. by reversing the energy. We must unmagnetise, discharge, and uncouple from the Earth. Energy flowing up the spine is a release of energy. Man sees that all that goes up must come down, and in water, what goes down must come up.. provided it is not anchored. The pull of gravity comes from the centre of the Earth, which is in flow and rotating powerfully, swirling mainly toward the centre, as happens in the sun. The friction of this movement causes gravity.

The Moon may be a bell - hollow - (with a pea inside?) - hence the seismic resonance recently discovered. One theory is that the Earth got most of the sun's heavy metals when the solar system formed, but try this experiment: in a hot skillet, drop a bead of oil and a pebble!



The Tree teaches the highest type of thinking for earth-bound beings. There are 22 letters and 22 paths (Metzlah) correlated with the Tree. As homework, draw a large Tree Of Life.

1. White is the source of all colours.
3. Black absorbs all colours.
2. Grey is the source of all colours by adaptation.

Kether, The Crown (Neptune) touches the three Veils and cannot be fathomed by Man so is called the Hidden. We can only go as far as grey, Hokmah (Uranus). That's what we call 'light'. Hokmah is Wisdom, representing unlimited intelligence as found in the Zodiac, the wisdom found in the wandering lights, which are not fixed.

Binah / Understanding is black and correlates with Saturn. (Spheres 3-9 correlate with the seven ancient planets). There are two downward pointing triangles formed by three Spheres each. The upper triangle (Spheres 4 5 6), correlates with the three primary colours: red, blue, yellow. The lower triangle has the three secondary colours: green, orange, violet. In Malkuth are four tertiary colours: citrine, russet, olive, black. Russet is made of orange & violet. Citrine comes from a mix of green & orange [and lies in the upper quadrant of Malkuth]; olive is green & violet, and since it represents 'foundation', it is the colour of Malkuth's lowest quadrant.

Born-again (re-charged) Man becomes hue-man. (Hu-man.. the Sons of Light married the Daughters of Man). The new Aquarian Age has both these higher levels, Human & Man, as well as Animal (vertebrate & invertebrate), Plant, Mineral. The Fifth Kingdom is Human.

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