11 - Reincarnation


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

04Feb71 (evening)
Theosophical Society

In the after-death 'bardo' state the being to be born is interlinking its vibrations with those of its future parents. This being in the 'bardo' is not so much attracted to a particular mother and father but to the thing that is happening - the union of the consciousnesses present. Then, because of the being's karma, it displaces one or the other parent. Its tendencies become the same as those of the displaced parent. In intercourse, if the union is such that there is not much difference between the parent consciousnesses, then it's possible that a sex-change will occur later in the life of the offspring.

One tends to remain the same sex over many lifetimes. The male principle is viewed as 'further out' spatially - the ascending, active principle. The overall tendency is to go from female to male if there's a change. The male principle when established is more stable. Homosexuality can occur if the heterosexual basis is confused. The goal is to be a full, complete expression of both male and female. The female must become as a male - with mastery, insight, drive. [The male must become as a female - nourishing, calm, supportive].

As far as the Order goes, there is equal opportunity for both man and woman. This has been long established. However, the cyclic function can pose a problem for women, if nothing else does. Both men and women must remember constantly that both sides, male and female, must be developed and integrated. The male must first complete the principle of exploration, order, and direction, and then probe into the depths of tranquility, absorption, clarity.

There is an evolutionary trend toward women becoming free from the direct control of the moon. This is already happening - liberation from the bonds of Earth and Water. It will continue and is speeding up. (A major problem of astrocyclic studies is evolutionary development). We'll be getting free from sexual necessities for survival because now it's easier to survive. There are fewer human units needed to maintain the species. A unisexual type of individual will emerge eventually. This is only partly due, of course, to the evolution of our cortex and a progressive shift away from the diencephalon [older brain].

Trauma block memory of previous lives. There can be a shock-induced amnesia due to the ego. Meditation on breathing increases recall, as can meditation on light, (which could induce a light trance).

Recommended reading: L. Weatherhead, "Claimed Evidence For Survival" - a good book, with good evidence for reincarnation.

Evidence of past lives can come through:

  1. Talent or genius.
  2. Obsession for a particular historical period. Perhaps things were good compared with now, and so a fantasy about a 'fantastic' time is created.
  3. Deja-vu
  4. Psychosis
  5. Dreams are especially good for discovering clues about past lives because when dreaming one is in an ego-less state. The greater the past trauma, the more difficult the recall, yet any acceptance of the passage [through fear] helps recall. If you work on it this time, you'll be able to remember more easily next time.
  6. Hypnosis.
  7. Illness.
  8. Children's memories.. which tend to get buried after the age of eight because life covers over memories with new life-experiences and habits. Children can become excellent meditators if a society allows this.

The PURPOSE Of The PLAN (and Cosmic Rays)

All living organisms can be measured insofar as they have mass which acts as a resistor. Force is the reaction, provoking its own individual pattern and rhythm to occur. In related organisms there are similar (sympathetic) responses. This presupposes an evolution. Darwin is fine for the physical part, but by the Law of Duality, what of the spirit? How to measure that? And with regard to macrocosm and microcosm - what is the correlation between the life-cycle of the cell and that of the universe?

The Earth is immersed in cosmic waves of changing quality. A human child has the characteristics of both supra and infra worlds. The human breath cycle is about six seconds - three seconds inhaling and three seconds exhaling. In a daily cycle, a person rests for about 12 hours and works for about 12 hours. Ideally, a lifetime lasts 144 years - 72 years on Earth and 72 years inactive on the immaterial plane. The duration of any cycle in one order corresponds to the next longer interval in the next order down in complexity. Six seconds a day to the largest cell, and a lifetime to the smallest.

The cycles in Man (who exists in the middle, half way along the 'chain of being', between macrocosm & microcosm), are clues to all cycles from supernovae to subatomic quanta. 1/10,000 of a second is the duration of a human being's shortest thought-impression unit. This is the lifetime of a 'molecule' [quark?]. At the lowest or longest cycles we are interacting with cosmic rays, which is what matter is - rays at work, bouncing back in on themselves.

Humanity is the balance-point of life, expressing the Law Of Five (a five-pointed star, as in DaVinci's geometric Man). Man expresses [unity?] better; Woman expressses duality better. (Go and see the paintings of DaVinci amd Mondriaan). The human body expresses the relative perfection of nature. Other planets also have perfect expression of bodies, with different geometries - octagon limbs, arms like calipers, and so on.

The Star of David combines two triangles, representing the Laws of Ascent and Descent. We are also the Law of the Unfolded Spiral. Our cells are the Law of the Double Spiral, which is necessary for life as in our 46 chromosomes. The principle of the embryo is the yin-yang principle folded in on itself. Growing up into an adult is its unfolding. The laws are as precise as astrocyclic phenomena. The way out is to become aware and to go with the ascending spiral to fulfill the law. At the top, come, see the blue diamond light.

We are rays joined and built up to become a resistor. This establishes duality. God is His own creation. Cells are the first biological consciousness. They are built to take and convert the surrounding environment to their own use. This shows adaptability and the simple split [duality]. The large cell recognises its own kind as opposed to another kind. At a higher level there is reproduction - each part is separate but there is cooperation.. a group mind.

A human being is the product of all that has gone before and has achieved self-consciousness, memory, and self-preservation. Man is sensitive to the rays from the surrounding universe. Human beings, in fact, are rays aware of themselves. Atom, molecule, cell, Man, planet, star, galaxy.. over-locking ideas.. God, the divine architect. Other planets will be a bit like our planet, basically. Anti-matter? Duality in every direction.

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