17 - Sunyata


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

22Feb71 (Monday evening)

To increase non-distinction, observe the masculine, feminine, and neutral nature of the bliss of the fire baptism of the mind and its manifestations. See their void nature and remain in the before-the-beginning state of consciousness as long as you can. Merge the bliss with sunyata! Tatramagututa - non-distinction, clinging neither to nirvana nor samsara, dwelling neither this way nor that way. There is the path but no-one walking. Tathagata - flow, being here/now.

The highest miracle is the Twin Miracle, to be baptised by Fire and Water at the same moment. This produces neutral, unitive, or balanced bliss.

Sunyata is based on anatta (as is all of Buddha Dharma), no-thing-ness. There is no-thing to be spoken about. All is impermanent and in conflict. There is no moment when you can stop and say, "There it is". Everything involved in any process is constantly changing. Even nirvana is sunyata since things are here conventionally but are always moving in all directions - changeless change or changing changelessness. Nothing can be said about it.

Clarity comes with non-attachment. Airiness is an attribute of sunyata, bliss and knowing. Bliss is not separate from the clear void so it is not something to be attached to and not the 'marriage bed'. Bliss / sunyata is the practice of non-distinction. Mahamudra is the non-distinction between the high and the clear, and it is the only meditation there is. It is the experience which brings all beings into manifestation.

Samadhi is ekagata - gone to one-ness, one-pointed focus. Since you've never been separated from God, all you can do is awaken to it and NOT go to oneness. The mind is like a poppy seed. "God has left a little point between He and thee".

The purpose of pranayama (a breathing exercise) is stability of incoming and outgoing breath, and it will help stabilise bliss.

Use the Sword (active insight) first, and 1 1/2 minutes after you can't take it any longer, use the Stream (pacifying flow) for as long as you are not actually asleep.

You must drop concepts. Hasten to the ignorance of un-knowing, the flow of sunyata and freedom.. nothing to be known. And so we are free to speak of all things. Anicca, dukkha, anatta - cardinal, fixed, mutable - the breath rising, the gap, the falling.

Realise that ALL experiences are the Path.

Note: March 10th, Wednesday, is Padmasambhava's Day when the second stage of the wongkur is to be held. Saturday is an 'open house' all day, at Rinpoche's house, with 'dana' in the morning and a New Year puja later.

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