01 - The Mysteries: Telepathy & Astrology


Toronto 1971
Rab Wilkie (Editor)
Kennedy Long (Scribe)

13Jan71 Wednesday

Dialogue can occasionally be a conflict, or an augmentation. The dialogue is between the heart and the head as they meet now during the cusp of the Aquarian Age. When conflict arises it is between cool, clear, reasonable Aquarius and the faith and emotion of Pisces.

"The Bead Game" is telepathy. For telepathy that is beyond words, (although words may sometimes pop out), it is necessary to be familiar with the other people involved, to 'wear people easily' and be mentally relaxed. In, say, an evening, a group's telepathic score usually dips to a low of jangled fatigue but then rises again, from good to poor and up to good again. Accept the fatigue and it becomes tranquility. Believe it, be cool. That's what works best. Any ego trip spoils rapport. Friendship is the best thing.

This cusp is a Mutable/Cardinal period, not Fixed. Aquarius is very inflexible once an idea is fixed. It will be on full force by 2008 and probably by the end of Pluto's reign in Libra [1972 -1984].

Every cusp period runs the risk of worldwide destruction.. on the physical level as well as emotional and mental. The Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp (20,000 BC), for example, was a time of mass destruction.

The colour indigo, [which corresponds with Saturn and Aquarius as well as Capricorn, the Age that follows Aquarius in another 2000 years] denotes a period of synthesis.

The will-to-live, the life force, evolutionary consciousness drives us; we must come to see the no-osphere, come to terrestrial consciousness. To become linked with Him, dropping all ego-games. This would be the fastest way to come through. We need to see Him as a being! All the hypnosis must go, all are limitations. We are the sum of the Earth experience - where is that Earth experience going? We are the unfolded spiral (spines). We are the dharma of unfolding, up to angels and beyond. Beings out there are also on the Star Plan.

Editor's note: Earth as Him? We thought She was Gaia! Evidently, it takes two to tango, Tantrically. Perhaps we should be considering the Logos as well his Sophic 'yum'?

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