Quotes From A Discourse

QUOTES From A DISCOURSE by Ven. Ananda Bodhi
October 16, 1967; Gerard St West, Toronto
Scribe: Henri van Bentum

Negative thinking is the highest form of intelligence.

The Ideal is a marvelous and respectable escape from the actual, the Real. The ideal of non-violence, like the collective social Utopia, is fictitious. The Ideal - what 'should be' - helps us to cover up and avoid what is.

To see the truth in the false is the beginning of wisdom. To see the false as false is the highest comprehension.

To love is to experience all things. But to experience without love is to live in vain.

Meditation is the breaking of all bondage. It is the state of freedom but not FROM anything. To be conscious of being free is not freedom.

There is silence when willing ceases. This is meditation.
The seeker ceases. This is meditation.

Is it very important to help people in this corrupt society? If one is concerned only with helping the individual to conform to already existing patterns - here or elsewhere - is one not maintaining the very causes that make for frustration, misery, and destruction?

Ambition breeds mediocrity of mind and heart. It is artificial for it is everlastingly seeking a result. Our children's children will breed further antagonism - envy and war - and neither us nor they will have peace by maintaining the ambitious way of life.

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