A Small Story

Dave Pooch
Auckland, New Zealand

In 1982 Rinpoche was leading a retreat at Yoshino, a mountain village close to Nara in southern Japan. At the time I was on a business trip to Japan and had told Rinpoche I was able to stay for only the first day of the retreat. I had done my calculations carefully and knew how long it would take to run to the Yoshino railway station and the time of the last train down the mountain to Nara.

It was about half way through the afternoon class. I checked my watch every few minutes and finally, I guess my mental agitation caused Rinpoche to speak.

"Oh, you have to go, do you"? He said.

"Yes sir, I must," I replied, swelling a little with pride at the gentle attention.

"Well then" he said, "go then and seek your fortune if you must, but remember a fortune is of value only if put to good use".

My ears burned. I rose, walked to the door, put on my shoes and starting running down the hill. My ears burned with those words all the way down the hill, all the way on the train to Nara, and I remember them even now.

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