Arts And Flowers


Henri van Bentum

This took place during one of the public talks given by Ananda Bodhi in the late 1960's at the Theosophical Society in Toronto. The class was well-attended.

The topic was Creative Imagination. It drew the attention of artists and a dealer from a well-known art gallery in Toronto and his avant-garde artists were also present. They were all seated at the front of the class, good and ready to see and hear what this "monk" had to say about Art.

On a table beside the Teacher, aside from a glass of water and a mug of coffee, there was a vase with a colourful bouquet of flowers.

During his discourse, Ananda Bodhi selected a flower - and held it for a while - explaining that the flower also evolved from Creative Imagination, and formed from a timeless evolution - of which awareness we have no idea.

He followed this by saying "Most beings are fear-ridden, afraid to explore and let go. This prevents them from unfolding. We are so afraid, that if I threw this flower, you'd duck!"

He then went on with his enlightening discourse.

Then suddenly he grabbed a handful of flowers and threw them at the people in the front row (where the art dealer and fellow artists were sitting), followed by a glass of water.

They "ducked", all right! Not only did they duck, but they left the room! Feeling either insulted or embarrassed?

Ananda Bodhi just smiled and said, "See! We're even afraid of flowers! I told you so", and went on with his discourse, as if nothing had happened.

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