Guru Mind

Gail Angevine [BC]

I was not intending to write a story. But the process of reading the stories of others must have raised the question in the depth, because the following story emerged one day quite unbidden by the conscious mind. Upon reflection, I realized that this story conveys the essence of what Namgyal Rinpoche was to me and why he affected my life in such a profound way.

One day after class, I approached Rinpoche to ask him a question and due to crowded conditions stood closer to him than I normally would. In so doing, I spontaneously entered his energy field. There was a sudden and dramatic expansion in my consciousness and to my surprise, I found myself viewing a brilliant star in an infinitely expanding galaxy. A brief but powerful moment of revelation. A direct seeing of Guru mind ~ a jewel-like consciousness of inconceivable vastness and profundity, unimpeded and totally open, uncompromisingly awake, embracing the totality of creation in the one heart.

This is what he so skillfully and compassionately transmitted through his teaching and his presence. Constantly reminding us that this is what is possible. Constantly admonishing us to relinquish our clinging to our tight secure ego cocoon. To wake up! To break the chains! To make the determination to join him in his glorious and unending dance with the universe. "Utterly free bliss emptiness, the great self liberation of whatever arises". [From: "Sadhana of Mahamudra", Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche].

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