How I Met The Teacher

Michael Brine (Yukon)

To tell my story I need to go back before I met the Venerable Ananda Bodhi - as he was known in 1967.

In 1966 I was spending a few days in Malta with my greatest friend Peter who had moved there. It was during a difficult time for me. I had a couple of years earlier left my international banking career and gone into a food business near Glastonbury in England which had not worked out too well. So, I was trying to get my life back in some kind of order and had gone to visit my old friend.

We were sitting one quiet sunny evening out on his balcony overlooking the sea and just chatting when he stopped talking - went into a silent mode - then suddenly stood straight up and in a voice which was not his own addressed me:

"My son, you will shortly go back to the land of your birth and there you will be given the opportunity to take up your spiritual work again."

He then sat down, and after a few moments opened his eyes and said "What the hell just happened?" I told him. This had never happened to him before and only once since and it was only when we were together.

Anyway, when I returned to England a few days later I received a message from the Bank of Nova Scotia. They offered me a position on their International Staff for which they had interviewed me earlier in London. First I had to return to Toronto to spend time with them in their head office prior to any posting overseas.

Back in Toronto I ended up taking a room in a home that turned out to be the home of meditators. They told me of this Canadian Buddhist monk - Ananda Bodhi and it so happened he was giving a talk at the Theosophical Society on the following Sunday. I decided to go, and arrived a bit early so browsed through their library. Then, looking at my watch I decided it was time to go in and get a seat. As I came out from the row of books I had been browsing in, a gentleman, tallish and wearing glasses, came out from another row and looked at me before turning to go into the hall. As he looked at me I 'heard' in my head the words, "Follow me".

This, as I was soon to learn, was Ananda Bodhi..

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