Instructing the Teacher

Matt Wright

Once upon a time whilst Rinpoche and Terry were visiting Anne-Marie and I in
South Florida, we decided to take a drive to the Everglades. Once there, and
after quite a humorous "short" walk to a viewing spot where a variety of birds
and creatures were displaying, we quickly galloped back to the car with a
squadron of aggressive summer mosquitoes hot at our heels and heads. All but
Terry, who was displaying his Canadian toughness by taking his time!

We then drove to the visitor centre where Rinpoche said he would wait for us in
the car while we collected information from the park rangers. Before leaving the
car, Terry showed Rinpoche how to operate the controls of the air-conditioner
and affirmed that it would soon 'kick-in'.

Upon our return we noticed Rinpoche sitting there streaming with perspiration
and we asked, "What happened?"

He calmly answered, "I'm waiting for the 'kick-in'."

The ignition key had been turned to keep the fan running, but the engine was
off, so no air-conditioner.

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