Le Gourou Faramineux

Le Gourou Faramineux1
Jangchoub Reid (France)

Le Grand Maître Namgyal Rinpoché is, at once a fantastical2 guru and also a very human being. I deliberately use the present tense because he lives on, so vividly in all of us, n'est-ce pas?

I use the word fantastic because I loved the way he would play with words and languages and the roots of linguistic meaning during his discourses; and the etymomogy for "fantasy" is so fantastic, (see footnotes).

I say fantastic3 because there was already, well before his dying, a vibrant mythology building up around his various exploits with students; stories so extreme as to challenge belief; and yet that's what he did, constantly - challenge our beliefs - about everything.

For me, since the beginning, every Dharma discourse with the Rinpoché was an empowerment. Nevertheless, in the naivety of youth, I once asked, "Rinpoché, sir, would you please give the wongkur of White Tara?"

"I Never give wongkur!!" was the short, sharp, thunderous response; and following in a softer tone, "The Deity gives the wongkur".

"I have no name. I'm sunyata, (emptiness; the spacious openness of interbeing) plus whatever you or anyone else wants to project"4. For me, this extraordinary declamation, recorded by Tarchin Hearn, reveals the freedom of the Rinpoché and simultaneously exposes the myriad fantasies we have of him.

For me, however, it was in the quiet moments when he was most ordinary, not doing anything spectacular, that the most profound transmission of what it means to be fully human, occurred. For example…

One early morning we were walking along in the quiet dusty desert streets of Ayers Rock, Australia, attending to the light of the sun. Just after the glorious sunrise the Rinpoché asked, "Well Reid, will the sun rise tomorrow?"

For a few seconds the mind went into hologramic superhyperdrive considering the many possible answers to this tortuously simple question. Then, equally rapidly a profound spacious tranquillity opened and I replied simply, "Yes Sir". After a few more dusty steps he responded, "Fair enough", and so we continued down the road in silence.

Marked by his extravagant individuality he is the most excellent, superlative teacher who invites us still, to give up our fantasies and enter into the light of the real.. in this present moment. How wonderful!

Phain? No Name! Excellent no name Presenting a present to Your mind; a light show Of uncontrived eccentricity. "I am light, plus… Who are you?"

- Jangchoub Reid la pleine lune, janvier, 2009.

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