Graydon Clipperton (Toronto)

I was fifteen. It was springtime in 1969. I was exploring, energized and with lack of direction, found and made up what I could. I knew the realization of mustard seed and mountain through direct experience and had no discipline, no full knowledge of what to do with it, if anything.

My sister, Deborah, told me about this "guy" who gave teachings and could give personal mantras. I thought that's just what I need. One day I went with her to a house, somewhere in Toronto. There seemed to be a bunch of cool people and the atmosphere felt familiar. I remember him, "The Bhikkhu" as he was called; remember feeling good, and that this was important. And then I didn't pursue him, but pursued the teachings.

Twenty-seven years later, after marriage, four children, several professions and much life experience, my wife heard that a teacher was going to be nearby and we decided to go. It felt like it was not a choice.

The event was in a private house in Oak Ridges, again in springtime. People sat everywhere, some people seemed to know each other, and a spot appeared to be reserved. I recognized him when he entered and turned to my wife and said, "I think I've seen this fellow before".

My insides fell into place. It was beyond relaxing, beyond knowledge, and my inside stories drifted and dispersed. The Rinpoche instructed that we were made of stardust, billion of years old, and that a lot of work had gone into preparing us ~ who we are today. "So, get it right!" he exclaimed. Everything vibrated in my body and I knew he had gotten it right.

He was truly one of the most encouraging, loving, compassionate and correct people I've ever met. He ordained me later that year, continued to give instruction through his remaining years, including telling me all too clearly to teach dharma; and I continue to revere him and the teachings every day.

May all our joys multiply to all ends of the universe.

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