The Gift

Peter Dederichs

Once upon a time there was a little boy and his mother, (the Good Mother), who lived a simple but religious life. The Good Mother used to pray every day and see her spiritual Teacher as much as she could. She taught her little boy that praying was also good and soon the little boy prayed each day with his Good Mother and she also brought her son to see and hear the Teacher. The Teacher, "The Bhikkhu", who was very wise, was also very respected by the little boy and his Good Mother.

A few years went by and one day the The Bhikkhu asked the Good Mother if she would come on a trip halfway across the world to India to see some very holy and great teachers, one of them being His Holiness Karmapa. This was no ordinary trip or vacation. This was a journey of spiritual learning, sometimes physically dangerous, sometimes mindfully blissful. The Bhikkhu led the way and the little boy and his Good Mother followed along with a number of other students.

Finally, after many adventures and teachings along the way, The Bhikkhu and his students were nearing their destination: Sikkim. Sikkim was where one of the highest teachers lived, namely, Karmapa. The approach through the Himalayas was incredible. As the students neared they began to hear some beautiful sounds. The closer they got, the clearer the beautiful sounds became and they could see what looked like a fortress to the little boy, with monks high atop it blowing these very long horns. It sounded like they were greeting lost heroes returning home. Awesome!

The students were greeted by the Karmapa and there were teachings and many blessings. At one of these blessings, the students were lined up to receive from Karmapa. The little boy was about three people away from receiving his blessing when he noticed that everyone else was giving a white scarf or flowers, and he did not have anything. The little boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a medallion that he had found along the way. The medallion was worthless really but the little boy treasured it very much and considered it lucky. Since it was the only thing he had to give, he gave it up to Karmapa's feet. With that, the Karmapa looked up at him and gave a big smile. The little boy felt a little embarrassed but also very warm and good. He knew that he gave from his heart - a true gift.

Later on, when students were receiving secret spiritual names from Karmapa, and when Karmapa recognized The Bhikkhu as a Rinpoche, becoming Namgyal Rinpoche, the Karmapa's personal assistant signaled to the Good Mother and the little boy to come for a personal interview with his Holiness. During that time the Karmapa gave the name of Karma Tinley to the little boy.

"But we already have a Karma Tinley", voiced the Nun.

"Then this will be the second Karma Tinley" replied his Holiness smiling.

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