The Journey

Peter Dederichs

I think it was in 1969 when my mother and I went to Mexico with Rinpoche and a group of people. We drove, and I remember very clearly being nine years old at the time, cramped in Mrs. Raff's car. She was always very determined to keep up with Rinpoche's car and it was funny at times to see how she would just miss a turn or all of a sudden see Rinpoche's Landrover passing us by in the opposite direction, and he (The Bhikkhu then) chuckling and waving at us.

I remember losing my wallet which I loved so much and Rinpoche giving me a present. When I opened it up there it was, my beloved wallet! I have many stories which I can only describe as magical. There were many times when things were scary or even life-threatening but incredibly it always worked out.

I was also on the second India trip in 1971. My Mother told me how she was asked by Rinpoche if she were going. She said no, there was no way she could afford it. The Rinpoche asked how much she could afford for the Boat trip, and seeing her hesitate he asked if she could come up with $300 for the both of us, and of course she said yes.

This was an incredible gift and the funny thing is, when we got on the ship we ended up with a first class cabin, and my mother overheard other people grumbling that there must have been some mistake. They paid for first class but got third class.

It was pure teaching all the way with Namgyal, and I am very fortunate and honoured.

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