The Rolling Rinpoche Gathers No Dross

Melodie Massey

Then there was the Sahara trip. Rinpoche decided he was going to learn to drive
the car. Terry took him down to a flat part of the desert where we had spent the
night, so there was nothing to crash into. I don't think it was very successful
but at least he tried.

Later, we were standing at the top of a sand dune when suddenly Rinpoche
crouched, curled up into a ball and rolled all the way to the bottom. He was
amazing. He went flying down. We all tried but could not roll the way Rinpoche
did. Even Terry, much younger, was nothing like Rinpoche who was so unbelievably

We also had to bury our poop because in the desert nothing disintegrates. So
when someone had a shovel you knew what was happening.

Sitting here now at the age of 86 so many things are popping into the mind that
were wonderful experiences. However the most WONDERFUL experience of all is that
there is no separation from Rinpoche.

This is just one of many stories for the record. I continually feel blessed to
have so many marvellous beings in my life who have guided and been a part of
this incarnation. I just pray that the next time around the formation can be of
benefit to more beings.

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