The Sword Blessing

David Berry

As one of two people ordained on September 11 2003, the last ordination that Namgyal Rinpoche performed at the Dharma Centre and perhaps the last in his life as he died 41 days later, I am sensitive to the notion of getting on the last bus at the last minute.

He did the ordination on September 11th, took the day off on the 12th, gave the Mahakala wongkur on the 13th, the Namgyal Lineage wongkur on the 14th. When I went forward for the blessing, he put the marks on the hem of my not even sewn yet robe. He gave the group a final word with his hand raised in the air: "I'll give you the double-edged blessing: May what you wish for others, come true for you".

"Permission to transmit?" I called out.

"Give them something and right away they want to transmit it.. Yes, you may transmit that."

So I will transmit it right here and now. Whomever and wherever and whenever you are: "May what you wish for others, come true for you."

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