proposed workflow for Namgyal Stories

1. Create a new page

Main idea is to just get the story down, don't worry about formatting or grammar etc.
Story source can entered directly a site member or from "outside" by a site member on someone else's behalf.
The page creator automatically becomes the Page Author, this can be changed later if desired.

Page category is draft

2. Edit, revise, discuss

Proof read and edit for spelling and grammar.

People who were present at the story event in question, about at that time, or otherwise have something to say are encouraged to participate in the per-page discussion forum. The idea is to make sure names of persons present and dates/times are correct, flesh out additional details and whatnot.

Variant interpretations are okay.

Editor and/or Page Author(s) incorporate relevant changes from the per-page discussion.

Lather, rinse, repeat until clean.

3. Story is complete.

All final edits have been made, no further changes are anticipated.
Page category is press ready.
Editor and Page Author(s) give seal of approval.

A completed page can revert to draft and iterate through the edit, revise, discuss cycle again if new information or observations come to light.

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